Organic agricultural farming

Organic agricultural farming

Farming depends on the weather but this year was very difficult.Organic farming means that no fertilizers are used to encourage growth of the crops and so we have to wait to let nature take its course.

Sheering the sheep.

In the early summer the sheep needed their wool removed to avoid the many problems that occur to sheep that have a heavy fleece.

They suffer from the heat in warm weather and often if they fall over on their tummies they are unable to get up unaided.
Continuous rain made the task more troublesome. During a dry few hours Martin got the sheep into the shed and the operation had to take place indoors.

All in a day’s work

Lucky we have a good shed to work in and the contractors were able to set up their machinery and sheer the sheep indoors.


Saving the hay.

In July it stopped raining for a few days and a window of opportunity came to save the hay. Organic agricultural farming is more dependant on nature and good weather to grow the crop as no artificial supplements are used in this type of farming.
All hands were on deck to save the crop. The guests that were staying in our Lough Owel Lodge  farmhouse accommodation were very interested to see the progress each day.

They watched the hay being cut and then looked on as the sun dried the crop with the help of Martin as he turned the hay twice a day in the hope of saving the hay. When dry the hay is placed into ridges and then the bailer comes in to bale the hay.

The weather is one of the unpredictable elements of farming and the daily  weather forecast  is listened to with intent.

All activity on the farm is weather dependent .You need to be of a placid disposition to farm in Ireland.
We did not get to make hay but a good crop of silage was saved.

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