Changing Seasons at Lough Owel Lodge.

Winter in Cullion – December 2010

Winter Scenne at Lough Owel Lodge

It may have looked nice but it was hard work on the farm keeping the animals fed and watered. The short days meant that every minute was valuable.

Standing in the Frosty Fields

Snowdrops in Spring at Lough Owel Lodge


Thankfully spring was not far behind and soon the signs of growth were to be seen and enjoyed.

The first snow drops lift the heart.

Daffodils appear at Lough Owel LodgeDaffodils were soon to follow and the avenue was full of yellow hue

Lambs Arrive

Young Lamps at playSpring is a lovely time on the farm and the sight of new life is always a joy. The lambs arrived this year without much fuss and there were a lot of twins born.

Then come the Calves

Calves arriveNo sooner are the lambs settled in when the calves start to arrive. This is a very busy time for Martin and many a sleepless night until all are delivered safely

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning at Lough Owel lodgeApril is a time for spring cleaning and getting the house ready to receive our guests for the coming season.

Along with the flowers weeds raise their ugly head and many  hours spent in the garden to try and keep ahead of them.

May arrives blowing gales and causing havoc to the shrubs and some trees.

wind cause havoc

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