Corlea Trackway

The ancient oak planks of the Corlea Trackway have stretched across the Longford boglands since 148 BC, making this Iron Age road the oldest of its kind in Europe. Today, the Visitor Centre houses an 18-metre stretch of the preserved trackway.

The Iron age trackway at Corlea in County Longford is an amazing site and a credit to the Office of Public Works. It such a pity that this incredible site does not get the amount of visitors it deserves. In 1984 Bord na Mona discovered the trackway about two metres under the surface of the bog and the trackway was duly excavated over a number of years by Professor Barry Rafferty from U.C.D. It was found to be an Iron age trackway, one kilometre long and wide enough to fit a cart. It is the widest iron age trackway ever discovered in europe built by the Celts.

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The centre is open to the public from March to October.
Opening hours: 10am – 6pm – The last daily tour takes place at 5pm

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