Visiting Lough Crew cairins


Visiting Lough Crew cairins;

Unspoiled and beaytiful

Unspoiled and beautiful

A recent guest on a day trip from  lough owel Lodge sent me back this report after visiting lough Crew cairins ;

We drove and drove and drove, ending up on a narrow single-track road that led to a small parking lot. But where were the mounds? Seems our B&B gal left out one very important detail… they were located on top of a mountain. We walked up a flight of stone steps, but the path continued up. Judy decided to wait in the car. I walked up to the ridge and … the path went up even further, up through the sheep pasture.

By now the views were spectacular. I continued, asking the hikers walking down if it were worth it. Oh yes, they said. I plugged away. Over the next ridge there was yet another ridge, this one at a 45 degree angle UP. I was discouraged but hey, I’d come this far!

I did reach the top, by now with 360 degree views and yes, a stone cairn on top. More than one, in fact. I even went inside the largest, and the entrance stones were covered with carved spirals, just like Newgrange. It was a little exhilarating. Ireland. On top of a mountain. With megalithic cairns. Not something you do every day.

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and ideal to visit the many historical sites in the area.

Great view

The beautiful view from lough crew

Rooling countryside.

Amazing view from the top

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