Environmental Policy

We aim to run Lough Owel Lodge in a way that has minimal effect on the environment whilst retaining comfort and service for our guests.

We have therefore adopted the following practices:Policy to use local suppliers wherever possible; information is provided about suppliers on the breakfast menu and on the website

Muesli is  made on the premises. Ingredients are bulk purchased to minimise waste and are largely organic or locally produced
Jams and preserves are home-made. Glass jars are re-used
Fair-trade tea, coffee and hot chocolate are used

Use refillable containers for bathroom consumables including cotton buds and cotton wool balls
Policy asks guests to consider how often they require fresh towels
An on-going programme to replace the bulbs in all lighting fixtures with low energy types
Thermostatic radiator valves are fitted on all radiators

Dual flush toilets reduce water consumption
‘A’ rated electrical appliances replace older versions where possible

Washing is line dried whenever the weather permits
Minimal use of cleaning products containing harmful chemicals including the use of e-cloths and using a vinegar/bicarbonate solution for descaling
Purchasing a growing number of recycled products e.g. stationary from recycled paper, refilled printer cartridges
Bottles, cans, plastic, cartons and paper are recycled .
Inkjet printer cartridges and batteries are recycled
All food and green waste is recycled
Consider recycling in a variety of different ways, including  making donations of bedding and furniture to local charities when new is required, reusing scrap paper to take breakfast orders and make shopping lists.
Website provides guests with information about arriving by public transport
Website gives guests ‘No Car’ options for things to do during their stay
Provide details of local walks, cycle routes and local places of interest
Provide storage for boots and hanging space for outdoor coats
Provide lockable cycle storage
The property is no-smoking throughout

We encourage guests to help by:

Turning lights off when leaving the premises
Turning the TV off at the set (avoid using standby mode)
adjusting radiator valves to suit (avoid having the heating on and windows open)
leaving recyclable waste, such as newspapers, glass & plastic bottles and cartons to the side of the main rubbish bin

supporting the laundry policy and re-use towels
Supporting local businesses
Letting us know what you like and how we can improve

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