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life at lough owel lodge .the garden the landscape and the lake

Good to be alive

Organic agricultural farming

Organic agricultural farming

Farming depends on the weather but this year was very difficult.Organic farming means that no fertilizers are used to encourage growth of the crops and so we have to wait to let nature take its course.


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The picture of comfort.

Relaxing accommodation.

Home from home


Here is a photo of a regular guest enjoying our new chair in the lounge area at Lough Owel Lodge organic farmhouse.

We have had the pleasure of this gentleman’s company for the last 20 years …

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The nicest little flower

Fair daffodils we weep to see!

                                                                                      March the 1st

Is officially the beginning of spring  and today was a lovely sunny day if a little cold.

Everywhere on the farm there are signs of new life .

To Daffodils


Fair Daffodils, we weep
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Holly Bush

The year is closing in

Hooly in bloom   A pet day.

The lovely colours of autumn on the avenue are there to enjoy. However it does

signal the winter ahead and the clean up that is needed.




Now is a good chance to cut some …

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