The nicest little flower

Fair daffodils we weep to see!

                                                                                      March the 1st

Is officially the beginning of spring  and today was a lovely sunny day if a little cold.

Everywhere on the farm there are signs of new life .

To Daffodils


Fair Daffodils, we weep
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St Bridgids well at Culleenmore Mullingar

St Brigid’s day


Imbolc has been celebrated since ancient times, it’s a Cross Quarter Day, midpoint between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox, this year it falls on the February 4th. The ancient Celts celebrated The Goddess Brigid at Imbolc which …

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new Life

An early Christmas present.

On a wet and windy day  tucked under a bush were twin lambs .

They had just arrived and were busy trying to stand and  help themselves to breakfast from their mother.

The weather was very cold and so it …

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Holly Bush

The year is closing in

Hooly in bloom   A pet day.

The lovely colours of autumn on the avenue are there to enjoy. However it does

signal the winter ahead and the clean up that is needed.




Now is a good chance to cut some …

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