Trace your Irish Ancestry

Days gone by

Days gone by

Explore your Irish Family Roots when you stay at Lough Owel Lodge

If you are curious about your Irish ancestry, and intend to carry out some family history research during your time in Ireland, we would be happy to have our consultant genealogist who is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists in Ireland, carry out a brief assessment (€15.00 cost) of your Irish ancestral information to help you in your quest.

To that end, you may wish to complete the following form and return it us via email your earliest convenience. On your arrival, we will be happy to provide you with the assessment.


Please complete this Lough Owel Lodge Genealogy Assessment Report (MS Word) or send us on the info below in the body of an email.

3 Generations of Caseys

3 Generations of Casey’s

Information Required:

  • Guest Name
  • Dates Staying at Lough Owel Lodge
  • Name of Irish born Ancestor
  • Approximate year of birth
  • Irish birthplace of ancestor
  • Names of Ancestor’s parents
  • Name of Ancestor’s spouse
  • Date and place of marriage
  • Religious Denomination of Ancestor
  • Occupation of Ancestor
  • Country/State where Ancestor first settled
  • Extra information

Marie Remembering

THE joke in the house of Marie and Milo Cox, as they raised their family of 12, was that “‘my’ children and ‘your’ children are fighting with ‘our’ children!”.
photo motherMarie, widowed at just 32, when her beloved first husband, Harry Dunne died, had six children. Milo was also widowed young, and had a son, and when Marie and Milo married they went on to have five more children. “But there was never any distinction,like, if someone said to me: ‘your half sister’, or ‘half-brother’, I’d never think that way – we’re all brothers and sisters,” says Aideen… Read Marie’s full story →

Cousins Reunited

Our home is an ancestry specialist B&B and my husband and I take an active role in helping guests explore their family ancestral background. We work closely with a consultant genealogist in the local area who is a member of the association of professional genealogists in Ireland. We invite our guests to contact us prior to their arrival in an effort to begin our inquiry into their Irish connection. We have explored a number of investigations tracing our guest’s family roots in Ireland.

Last year we were fortunate enough to be part of something so special; connecting two long lost cousins. Two guests from Argentina staying at different times sent us on information in relation to seeking their family history. They provided information including, the name of their Irish born ancestor, occupation, religion, date and place of birth. We got an unexpected result where we found out that these two Argentinean people were in fact distant cousins. They have since made contact with each other and regard their experience as life changing.

‘Staying in your B&B in Ireland was a truly life changing experience that I will never forget. Investigating the origin of my family was so important to me and you made this happen. Contacting my distant cousin Tommy and learning about his life has been an enriching experience. Since my visit to Ireland I have begun to look further into my Irish heritage and I look forward to returning in the near future to my home’.

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