Culturely Curious

  • Lough Crew

    Just 30 kilometres away is a landscape of inspiring beauty and intriguing history, the cairns  form the largest complex of passage graves in Ireland. They are megalithic structures originally built about 4000 bc as burial chambers. The cairns are in …

  • Corlea Trackway

    The ancient oak planks of the Corlea Trackway have stretched across the Longford boglands since 148 BC, making this Iron Age road the oldest of its kind in Europe. Today, the Visitor Centre houses an 18-metre stretch of the preserved trackway.

  • Lough Boora

    For centuries Lough Boora has given humans shelter, warmth and a unique contact with the forces of the natural world. History, ancient and modern, is around you and under your feet when you visit Lough Boora.

  • Scragh bog just outside Mullingar Westmeath

    Scragh Bog Nature Reserve

    Conservation of Beauty and Wildlife. Widely known as the Lakeland of Ireland, Westmeath is home to one of the few remaining acidic raised bogs in Europe. Scragh Bog Nature Reserve is located close to the picturesque setting of Lough Owel  and just outside Mullingar off  the N4. This  is possibly the best illustration in Ireland of the transition from alkaline fen to acidic raised bog.

  • Athlone Castle

    Experience a magnificent immersive journey through history at Athlone Castle Visitor Centre. The website is under construction please visit for information on Athlone Castle Visitor Centre.

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